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The archangels each have their own specialities, talents and roles.  (Although not everyone agrees on what these might be). Some of these roles are traditional and some are more modern interpretations of the archangels own skill areas.  Each of these angels has their own area of expertise and many people wish to work with the right angel for the right job!  You probably wouldn’t call a plumber to lay your carpets or expect a beautician to be the best person to fix your car so this makes a lot of sense.


Some of the archangels’ roles are more obvious, for example Raphael is the patron of doctors and therapists (one of the translations of his name is ‘Divine Healer’).  Gabriel is well known as a messenger angel, so naturally Gabriel is the patron of messengers, and postal workers. This stems back from 1951 when Pope Pius XII declared Gabriel to be the angel over all areas of telecommunications!

The Triadic Hierarchy

For thousands of years the angels have been split into three distinct levels and within that three more levels or classes of angels.  Each section is given different roles and tasks and each with its own ruling angels.


Variations exist between the names of these levels depending on the different sources and authorities.  One of the most used versions of the angelic hierarchy is that by Pseudo-Dionysius, also recognised by the great Thomas Aquinas.


The higher levels of angels are those closest to God and the lower levels are nearer to human kind.  The angelic hierarchy does help the human mind to bridge the gap between God being the highest source and to us an impossible concept to imagine. Archangels are second from the bottom of the list on the right, but are the more senior of the angels that work with the earth. The guardian angels (see table right) are at the bottom).


When you search into the many names associated with each level you often find angel names appear on several of the levels.  They seem to move up and down the chain of command as required (the archangels in particular).

The Sheres of Angels

1 First Sphere


    1.1 Seraphim

    1.2 Cherubim

    1.3 Thrones


2 Second Sphere


    2.1 Dominions

    2.2 Virtues

    2.3 Powers


3 Third Sphere


    3.1 Principalities

    3.2 Archangels

    3.3 Guardian Angels

The Archangels and their Roles

Archangel Ariel - Overseer of Nature


Archangel Azrael - Angel of Death


Archangel Chamuel - Gatekeeper to the world


Archangel Gabriel - Heavenly Communicator


Archangel Haniel - Angel of the moon


Archangel Jeremiel - Overseer of souls


Archangel Jophiel - Angel of Paradise


Archangel Metatron (Formerly the human Enoch) - Angel of the presence


Archangel Michael - Commander in Chief of the Heavenly Armies


Archangel Raguel - Angel of Earth


Archangel Raphael - Guardian of the Tree of Life/Divine Healer


Archangel Raziel - Angel of mysteries


Archangel Sandalphon (Formerly the human Elijah) - The tall angel/Prayer gatherer


Archangel Sariel - Presiding angel of the sun/Prince of presence


Archangel Uriel - Angel of the presence/regent of the sun


Archangel Zadkiel - Archangel of Mercy and Benevolence

Archangel Names