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Who are these beautiful beings of light?  Is it true that we each have our own guardian angel watching over us?  As far back as recorded text, people have written their stories of personal protection by some unseen presence, a being of light.  And before recorded text? Stories were told around the camp fire of these celestial beings, and passed from generation to generation.


The shepherds in the Bible were frightened of them, others revered them.  Many saw angels as unapproachable.  Most religions recognise angelic messengers in one form or another and many people believe in guardian angels, our own special defenders.


Never more than today have we been able to share these stories without ridicule.  The appearance of an angel, an angel visitation is called ‘angelophany’.  But not experiences are related to actually seeing angels. All angel experiences, in whichever way they the angels choose to draw close, are precious gifts which grow with the sharing.  Each time a story is passed on the experience expands and lifts and enlightens more and more people.  Just the telling of angel stories is a powerful thing in itself!


People from all over the world have shared their angel stories with me.  Each story is individual to the owner, although there are many similar themes which run through these special moments.  People who have never met have experiences, maybe years apart, where the essence or reflection of their story is the samethe touch on the shoulder, the time in their life when it happens, the vision of a ‘being of light’ and so on.


Do you have a story of your own or one that a close family member has confided?  


Often we forget and then the tale of another will make us go, ‘oh yes that reminds me of something which once happened’  Other people say, ‘I have never told anyone this before,’ or worse, ‘I told someone once and they said I must be dreaming so I never shared it with anyone againuntil now!’  Isn’t it sad that someone might feel the need to take a life changing moment away from another?  In most cases there are no witnesses, it’s not something which is easily proven but why worry? I have never felt the need to prove any of my experiences to anyone and neither should you!  Enjoy and be comforted by your angel visitations and share them with people who appreciate them!    


Pop stars and TV personalities freely talk about their own belief in guardian angels these days, and openly discuss their own personal experiences.  This makes it easier for the rest of us to share the miraculous experiences which have happened to us, the many millions of ordinary folk around the word. But of course, you don’t have to be famous to have an angel story of your own.  These anecdotes come from all countries and all cultures, and seem to occur to people of all religions, all ages and sexes.  Angels are for everyone and you have a guardian angel of your own.


If you'd like to send me your story you can do so on the contact page.



One of the letters I received to my website was from a lady who saw ‘angel sparkles’ in her room on the evening before her brother passed over.  Was this a sign from heaven that he was being collected and taken ‘home’?  


People see these sparkling lights for all sorts of reasons so don’t worry if you have seen them too!  They appear during impending birth, during family parties and get-togethers and during special occasions in our lives.  As with the other experiences like feathers and lights, these sparkles are usually accompanied by a feeling of great love and warmth.  



Feathers are well known to be angel calling cards.  Everywhere I go people love to tell me about their angel feather stories. One surprised lady found a feather in her saucer under her coffee cup and another lady found an angel feather in the freezer at work.  One feather turned up in a previously unopened plastic shopping bag at the supermarket.  It seems the more unlikely locations feel more like real angel encounters.  You would be surprised at how many people carry their feathers around with them.  I’ve been shown feathers in purses and wallets, in little pouches and stuck to pieces of cardboard and carried around in handbags!



How many people ‘see’ rainbows as a sign from the afterlife and beyond? Many associate the passage from this life to the next with rainbows, especially with animals.  Rainbows are associated with bridges from one plane of existence to another.


The film, ‘The Wizard of Oz’ has become a classic and the song ‘Somewhere over the Rainbow’ is arguably the most popular song to come from the film.  The words tell us that somewhere over the rainbow there is ‘a land that I heard of, once in a lullaby’.  It seems to expresses the fact that people have some distant memory of this rainbow land but can’t quite remember it!  Many people feel that they are visiting the earth from our real ‘home’ over the rainbow.  The rainbow has become a symbol for ‘the other side’ and people see their loved ones as well as angels as coming from this place.

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