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Angels on Earth

Do angels walk the earth? It seems likely that they make a dramatic appearance from time to time. Often the stories that you send me seem to be those about normal human beings...who just seem to act in an angelic way. Are they angels in disguise or simply inspired by angels? Here are a selection of stories to inspire YOU!

Clare King: A few weeks back walking my son to school, my little girl fell and cut her knees quite badly. They were bleeding quite a bit and she was crying. I had no tissues and nothing to stop the bleeding..I also had to get my son into school. Within seconds a lady appeared and handed me 2 plasters .. My daughter immediately stopped screaming and I've never been so grateful.


Terri Susannah Boyce: I was knocked down by a car when I was 12, a passing motorist took me home, I don't think I thanked him because I was in shock xx


Tracey Swift: I had an injury to my leg when I was 13 at school, on a visit to the hospital for treatment I was in an ambulance which picked up people to take to appointments, an old lady was the last to get out before me, she came over and put her hand on mine and said " I know it is hard to believe but this accident saved you from something something much worse".... I never saw her again even though I went for dozens of appointments afterwards. Her words have stayed with me forever. x


Sherry Bour Barto: I was fishing on a small narrow dock yesterday when I saw my first angel feather! It was in the water beside me & I couldn"t reach it. A young lady walking by came & retrieved It for me. I was very grateful . I told what the feather represented & the only thing she said was "wow".


Debs McAndrew: When my first daughter was five weeks old (June 1985) I bought a coach ticket from my new hometown of Colchester back to London, where I'm from. I was an old hand at coach travel, having travelled all over England that way by myself as a kid. It certainly didn't confuse me or frighten me. On top of which my husband had come to the coach station with me to carry my case, plus my dad was going to meet me the other end, so there wasn't much that could go wrong. So, I stood in the queue for the coach to London Victoria, and when it turned up I got on it. And the driver checked my ticket as I got on.


I sat on the coach with my baby in my arms, and the pushchair in the luggage compartment and breathed a sigh of relief. That was until the driver announced "welcome to the coach to Great Yarmouth"! Which was in the exact opposite direction to where I was meant to be going.


I shouted out that I was on the wrong coach at which point he checked my ticket again, moaned that I must be stupid or something and dumped me, there's no other word for it, on the side of the road. I had my baby in my arms, and he put my case and folded buggy next to me and drove off. This was in the early day's of buggies. You certainly couldn't unfold it with one hand. On top of which, there wasn't actually a footpath where he'd dropped me. So I stood there, no further than a mile and a half from home but it might as well have been a thousand miles and the only way to get home was to lay my baby on the grass verge to set up the buggy in the road. Get her in it and then work out some way of carrying my large case. Quite naturally I stood there with my baby in my arms and just burst into tears.


Cars were driving passed all the time, and I was still in a state of shock just standing there wondering what on earth I should do, when a middle aged couple pulled up alongside me. "Are you alright love?" they asked. I could have kissed them. They got me in their car and drove me home. They were so nice and when I thanked them (from the bottom of my heart) they told me "if you were our daughter we'd like to think that someone had helped you."


I did get to London that day. As the coach company accepted that the driver should have checked my ticket and I was allowed on a later coach. But when I got back to Colchester I wrote to the local paper asking them to publish my thanks to my guardian angels. Which they did. But to this day I don't know who they were. I'd love to meet them again.


Angie Rhodes: When I was pregnant with my son Marcus (who is now 17) I was very ill, with preeclampsia, and had to have an emergency c.section, I was terrifed, and the surgeon, was a big, guy, with huge hands, [snip] he put me at my ease, telling jokes, and Marcus was delivered perfectly, The surgeons name?? Dr. Saviour Monomo, he was heaven sent.

Are you an Earth Angel?


Are you an Earth Angel? Do you think you are?


Are you a real angel currently living an earthly life? Some people feel they might be. If you are attracted to helping others...playing your role as a lightworker whilst, most likely having issues of your own! That is a clue!


Earth angels aren't going to be perfect people - once on this side of life we have to live using human bodies and interpreting our message through our human brains.


If you've always felt 'alien' on this planet, if you've had difficulties in fitting in for example then maybe you are! Do you find fighting, arguments and rows of any sort particularly stressful? These are other signs. No doublt, like me you are already avoiding the news, don't read a newspaper and hate violent movies and books.


Perhaps people tell you that you are an angel? Do you look different to those around you?


If you're an Earth Angel then you've probably learned to avoid chemicals in your diet. You'll probably already be taking extra care over which cleaning supplies, and toiletries you use due to the dangerous chemicals or allergic reactions.


Do people tease you and tell you that you're too sensitive? This sensitivity helps you to be drawn to people who need your help. Try spending more time in nature and try a little meditation every day (if you're not already doing so, to help develop and open up your skills more.