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Angels and Cats

Lost and Found with the help of the angels


Dear Jacky          

I read your article in Your Cat magazine regarding your missing cat Tigger and was amazed how you used angels to bring about Tiggar’s safe return. The reason I was so interested was because my cat Moses, (a lilac colour point British Shorthair) went missing 5 weeks ago and I am absolutely devastated. I have tried everything to find him.


I have been on your website for hours reading all about yourself and the angels and I was hoping you could tell me which angel may be able to help me? I don't want to give up hope, but I am starting to feel that I will never see him again. I do hope you can give me some advice.

Allyson Clark aged 44 from Cannock, Staffordshire



Dear Allyson

Bless you love. I am so sorry that Moses is missing. Never ever give up hope. Naturally the first thing to do is to make sure that you are prepared in the first place (have good, clear photographs of your cat, make sure your cat is micro-chipped etc), and follow all the traditional methods for the safe return of your petand then you ask the angels to help too.


Think of working with the angels as a sort of ‘complimentary medicine’. You do this as well as using the traditional methods of finding your cat because often the two things go hand in hand. Cats have their own Archangels; the Archangel Ariel is in charge of animals. It won’t hurt to ask for the help of Archangel Chamuel too. He is in charge of lost 'items'.


I can’t promise, but have heard some extraordinary stories after readers have called asked the angels to find lost pets.



*Allyson contacted me a few days later.


Dear Jacky,

I am writing you this email at 2.45am of Saturday morning, and I just had to let you know that at 1.24am a man was knocking at our front door with my beloved Moses in his arms! I cannot begin to tell you how I felt; shocked, elated, happy, but straight away I thought of you and it is through your help that I believe I got Moses back.


Ever since you gave me the Archangel's names I have prayed day and night to them and I really do believe they have helped me. You really are an amazing lady and cannot thank you enough.


Now I need to take Moses to the vets to get him checked out as he is rather thin, and he needs his boosters and a micro chip!



*I rang Allyson to congratulate her and she tells me that the man who brought Moses back had a cat-loving girlfriend who insisted he take Moses right back to Allyson personally! Maybe they were being encouraged by Moses’ guardian angel you never know!

Missing Cat? Ask the Angels


If you’ve lost cat and want a little celestial help. Here are a few tips to help you.


•Use a framed photograph of your cat as a ‘point of focus’. Look at the photograph and imagine what your cat ‘feels’ like as well as looks like.


•Use the energy of your LOVE for your cat to direct your message to the angels


•Imagine that your cat is being brought safely home to you. See this very clearly in your mind and replay this scene over and over again, no doubts.


•Remember that we don’t need to ‘pray’ to the angels, simply ask for their help.


•Humans have something called ‘free will’ and the angels need our permission to intervene in our lives. You have to actually ask them for their help.

Reader's True Story


"My name is Ria and I bought your book 'An Angel Saved My Life' in Dutch because I am Flemish! After reading your book I wanted to share my story with you.


I love cats and I have six cats of my own. In September 2003 the ten year old girl next door came to tell me that my cat Beauty had been hit by a car and that she lay dead alongside the road.


I was very upset and found her immediately. My son Ken and his wife Sofie live in the same street as me, so he immediately came round to comfort me. Beauty had been Ken’s cat before he married and he too was devastated.


Ken offered to dig a little grave for Beauty in the garden. We both cried the whole time he did this.  All of a sudden, while ‘Beauty’ lay dead on the lawn, ‘Beauty’ came jumping over the fence alive and well! A duplicate cat? What was going on?


We were shocked and stunned. We’d known our wonderful cat for 12 years, long enough for us to recognise her don’t you think? The cat that jumped over the fense was identical in every way to the one lying on the grass. There was no way to tell them apart, and we were shocked beyond belief.


Naturally we made enquiries to be on the safe side but no one our village or the surrounding villages were missing a cat. We searched for a long time and never found another owner. We still don’t know what to make of it but wonder if the angels brought our special cat back to life because we were so sad at her passing?


We said a special goodbye to the cat lying on the grass and buried her in the garden. Was it Beauty too? We had no way of knowing. It was the saddest and happiest day of my life rolled in one and the mystery was never solved. We thank the angels every day for the safe return of our beloved Beauty.”


Angel Cat


Jacky wrote about her own little cat Magik in many of her books and articles. RIP Magik 2013

Photo: Nick Richardson