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Angel Names

Really, angels don’t have names at all!  As a race, humankind have designated angels names.  Many of these names appear in religious texts and historical documents, and traditionally these names relate to the angel’s roles and the fact that they work through the Divine Source (God).


‘Arch’ – the prefix of the word Archangel, means principal.  So, archangel literally translates as the angel in charge or principal angel.


Angel names in current use nearly all end in the suffix ‘el’ or ‘il’ which is Hebrew for ‘of the Lord.’


Or ‘elf’ (Old English), ‘aelf’ (Anglo-Saxon), ‘ellu’ (Welsh) and ‘aillil’ (Irish) meaning ‘shining one’ or ‘radiant being.’


The combination makes up the name and role of the angels.  Some sources confuse Ariel and Uriel.  Others list the various spellings as separate angels.



Archangel Names


Ariel's name means 'Lion or lioness of God'

Azrael's name means 'Whom God helps'

Chamuel' name means "He who sees God' or 'He who seeks God'

Gabriel's name means 'God is my strength

Haniel's name means 'Glory of God'

Jeremiel's name means 'Mercy of God'

Jophiel's name means 'Beauty of God'

Metatron (suggestions include 'Angel of the Presence')

Michael's name means 'He who is like God' or 'He who looks like God'

Raguel's name means 'Friend of God'

Raphael's name means 'God heals' or 'God has healed'

Raziel's name means 'secret of God'

Sandalphon's name means 'brother' in Greek (referencing his twin brother in life, now created Archangel Metatron)

Uriel's name means 'God is light' 'Gods light' or 'Fire of God'

Zadkiel's name means 'The righteousness of God'



Archangels - also known as:



adabriel; adabiel; arcade;


Ariel (sometimes confused with Uriel)

Arael; Ariael; Ariella;



Azrail; Ashriel; Azriel; Azaril; (also seen as Raphael); Asariel



Camael; Camiel; Camiul; Camniel; Cancel; Jahoel; Kemuel; Khamael; Seraphiel; Shemuel; Shemael; Qemuel;



Abruel; Jibril (Muslim); Jiburili; Serafili; Jibraiil; Djibril; Gavriel; Jibra'il; Cambiel;



Anael; Aniel; Hamiel; Omoel; Hamael; Hanael;



Ramiel (also seen as Raphael); Remiel; Rhamiel; Ramaela;



Iofiel; Iophiel; Jofiel; Zophiel;


Metatron (human name - Enoch);

Shekinah; Metatetron; Merraton; Metaraon; Mittron; Metataon; Meditron;



Beshter; Mika'il; Sabbathiel; St. Michael;




Akrasiel; Raguil; Rasuil; Rufael; Suryan;



Ratziel; Suriel; Suruel; Suriyel;


Sandalphon (human name - Elijah)

Sandolphon; Sandolfon;



Sarakiel; Saraguel; Saraqael; Saraqel; Zerachiel; Sahaqiel;


Uriel (sometimes confused with Ariel)




Satqiel; Tzadkiel; Zadakiel; Zidekiel; Tzadiqel; Tsadkiel; Zachiel