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Angel Journals

Why not keep an Angel Journal? This pretty hard-backed angel notebook is perfect but anything that you love will also work well. You could even design your own.


Use it to record your hopes and dreams; angel meditations and angel card readings and magical happenings. I like to write down compliments, poetry and angel stories that inspire me too.


If you wish you could illustrate your journal with sketches and paintings, stick in angel confetti or angel stickers or write down inspirational sayings.


If you prefer you could also keen an angel journal by typing one up on your computer each day.

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Some different ways of using your notebook


1.Write down a list of all the things that you would like an angel to help you with in your life. Remembering what they can, and cannot do.  List at least 20 things and then date your notes and add them to your file or notebook. Make sure you leave space to add notes about how they have helped you with your list and tick things off as they come about.


2.Write down any angel experiences or encounters that you have – or that you hear about.



3.Write down any inspirational poetry you find or any that you feel inspired to write



4.Write down any inspirational thoughts that you might have whilst reading this book



5.Record experience you have whilst following the meditations and exercises you follow in the book



6.Add pictures from magazines, stickers and images from birthday and Christmas cards which inspire you – especially pictures of angels



7.Record your dreams and any messages you feel that your angels are bringing you



How about an Angel Diary?


Make a note of the angel experiences in your own life by recording them in your diary. You can make up you own code by drawing a little feather on the pages where you have found feather gifts, a star when something magical has happened, a candle when someone has brought a little ‘light’ into your life and so on. The more you record your experiences, the more things will happen!



Or an Angel Scrap Book?


You can buy ‘scrap books’ fairly cheaply from stationers or you can make your own. Staple together some large coloured pages or use a hole-punch to make holes in the side and fasten your pages together using pretty ribbon.


Collect together your angel ‘scraps’ including angel pictures, quotes and stories and stick them together in your book. You can add glitter, stamps or images cut from Christmas or birthday cards and wrapping paper! Don’t waste a single memory of angel experience. Add everything that inspires you and brings you joy.

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More ideas like this in my books Angel Blessings and Angels Secrets. Buy Here