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Angel Healing

I've written about Angel Healing in many of my books - it's the most magical thing. Angels can and do assist us when we are sick and I've included many real life stories of angels actually being seen by the sick.


Many of my readers work with traditional types of healing (doctors, nurses etc) and ask that angels step in and help out when healing is required. Some of my readers work with spiritual healing or Reiki and often see or sense angels working right alongside them.


It's ok for you to ask angels to help others too. The angels will only step in if it's appropriate to do so, and in the best interest of the 'patient'. In other words, as long as it doesn't interfere with a life lesson or their free will.


Raphael, the Healing Angel


The Archangel Raphael is the healing angel. The name Raphael means God Heals, God has Healed, Angel of the Sun, Angel of the East, Shining Healer.


Raphael is also known as the Angel of Love.


Raphael is best known for his work as a healer.  He is usually pictured walking with a staff or caduceus which is entwined with a snake.  He has his right forefinger pointing toward heaven (a sign of encouragement and hope).


Raphael works closely with healers, health and therapists.  Raphael is also the patron of travellers. Why not ask Archangel Raphael to help you?


Angel Healing Stories


Sometimes angels do the healing and other times they are just enablers.


Allison from America shares this incredible story that happened to her many years ago when she was a newly divorced single mother.  Allison had moved into a tiny apartment with her three year old son and six month old little girl named Tara.  Times were tough and money was short.  Her phone service had been turned off the week before because she hadn’t paid the bill.  To top it off, her car was not running ...

Angels saved my baby


One night, Tara awoke with a fever.  Allison had no medicine to treat the child, and as the night wore on, Tara’s fever raged.  The mother’s heart pounded with worry, and she wished she could call her friend to take them to the hospital.  She sat at the table in desperation and suddenly her eyes were drawn to her phone.


She scoffed, knowing the phone was not in service.  But something urged her to pick up the receiver.  She was shocked to hear a dial tone!  She quickly called a friend who hurried Allison and Tara to the hospital.  When they returned home, the phone was dead again. Allison knows an angel got that phone working and will be forever grateful.

Saving a life, protecting a soul


Eileen is keen to spread the message so that others might be comforted.  Eileen’s angels stayed around for a lot longer though and helped her on many other occasions too:


Eileen lives in Hamilton Ontario.  She wrote to me because she wanted to share the amazing healing the angels gave her when she was molested as a child.  The trauma started at the age of 4.  But she was not physically in her body when it happened.


Eileen told me that as soon as the physical trauma to her body began she was lifted up above her body.  Angels would come and talk to her and tell her what was happening to her body below.  They told her that her spirit was safe with them and that none of what was happening to her was her fault.  


This powerful experience has compelled Eileen to tell others about how they can survive and overcome obstacles in like with faith.  She wants people to be inspired by what happened to her rather than to feel sorry for her. She wants people to believe that angels exist and that they can help us in our daily lives.  Even though the angels cannot be seen with our eyes, or touched with our hands, they still exist.


Her Mother always told her she had a Guardian Angel, and that if she ever found herself in trouble, and her mother was not around, she was to ask her Guardian Angel for help. Being young and innocent she never questioned that she did not have one, and just took it as fact that she did.  I think this is often the key with younger children.  They see angels because they don’t know that they can’t!


Eileen recalled another experience which happened when she was 5 years of age.  It was early June on what she thought was a good day for swimming, but when she asked her Mother if she could go swimming in the river, her mother refused.  Eileen suffered with bronchitis and the wind was just too cold that day.  Eileen told me that she always got sick if she went swimming too early in the year.


5 year olds do not normally listen to reason and Eileen said that she wanted to prove her mother wrong and that she felt she would be perfectly well if she swam that day – which she wanted to do really badly.


Eileen decided to take a swim anyway, but instead of the river she chose the large tub down at the barn which the animals drank from. At the time she wasn’t bothered how dirty and disgusting the water was, she just wanted to get wet and prove to her Mother that she would not get sick.


To her surprise the water was warm and felt good on her skin.  There was only about 2 feet of water in the tub, which was why it felt so warm. Eileen stayed and played for around 20 minutes when she realised she was unable to climb out.


Every time she went to stand up, the wind, which was really cold would put her right back in the warm water.  She began to get upset and started to cry for her Mother, when she remembered what her Mother told her about her Guardian Angel. If I was ever in trouble her guardian angel would help.


Eileen remembers that she called several time aloud for her guardian angel to go and fetch her mother, and amazingly when she looked up, her mother was running out of the house with a towel in her hand and running down to the barn.


Eileen’s mother was very angry for disobeying her mother but when she was safe and dry, she asked her mother how she knew that she had needed help.  Eileen’s mother explained how she had felt an overwhelming urgency, that she just knew her daughter needed her!


Our guardian angels are always around us – Eileen knows!