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Angel Feathers

One of the more common ways our guardian angels show themselves is by leaving gifts of ‘angel feathers’.  Do the feathers actually come from the wings of an angel?  Who knows, but humankind has believed that angels have had wings for many thousands of years and the angels know this!  Those perfect little curled white feathers are the most common.  Feathers are light and easy for angels to manifest for us – what a perfect sign so maybe why it is one of the commonest angel signs there are.


Barbara was finding life a little stressful.  Was her feather a message from her angels?  She did wonder!

Carpet Feather


“I walked along my hallway and saw a white speck on the carpet.  Each time I passed over it I was aware of it.  It really stood out.   I thought I should vacuum it up but after I vacuumed, I realised it was still there! I felt annoyed and bent down to remove it and imagine my surprise when I found my white speck was really a feather!  It was perfect.  A small, fluffy and creamy white feather!  I decided to keep it and put it in a little box on my dressing table.  My answer had come.”


Feathers on the beach


“First let me tell you that I do believe in angels and once when things where not going well in my life I called out to them for a sign.  I was walking along a local beach when I noticed that the sand was full of little white feathers, they were small and delicate, at first I thought they were from a sea bird that had been washed up but there were no other remains.”

Another lady watched a television programme about angels and although she was sceptical she decided to ask her angels to give her evidence of their existence by producing feathers as they had suggested on the programme.  Not really thinking that anything would happen she was amazed as she rounded the bend in the road when she found pure white fluffy feathers every few yards along the whole stretch of the road.  


Later on in the day she went out for a second walk and this time she picked up one of the feathers and clutched it in her hand with the intention of taking it home but when she opened her palm it had vanished.


One writer, Eileen watched me on itv’s television programme ‘This Morning,’ and she was prompted to write to me about her own experience.

Feathers from the other side?


Eileen and her husband had tragically lost their son in a car accident and in their grief had been to visit a very respected psychic medium in the hope of making contact with him.


The medium said she felt that she had got in touch with him and explained to the grieving parents that their son was going to leave them a feather as a sign and that as soon as he had done so they were to give her a telephone call to confirm it.  Kenny, Eileen’s husband was a bit of a sceptic and hadn’t really expected anything at all.


Kenny had been working in the garage and everything he touched seemed to go wrong. He decided to stop for a break and stood on the porch, but as he stood there daydreaming, a little white feather came floating down from nowhere.  Kenny just put out his hand as it gently fell and then looked all around to see if he could see a bird that might have dropped it.  He also checked the garden to see if other feathers were blowing around outside but he found nothing which would explain the feather appearing from nowhere.  


The couple firmly believe that their son had made contact in the way that the medium suggested that he would, and that he chose his father to receive the ‘message’ personally because he was the one who needed the contact, and the proof the most.

What to do with your Feathers!


Do you ever wonder what to do with your angel feather's once you have found them? Here are a few ideas.


- Cut out some wings shapes out of cardboard and punch two holes at the top so that you can tie on some thread as a hanger. Stick your angel feathers down onto the wings...laying them down in the same direction so that it looks natural - hang up!


- Do you have an angel figurine? Why not stick your real feathers onto her wings?


- Give them away in greetings cards or carry some around in your purse so that if ever you see someone in distress you can hand them an angel feather and explain what the feather is for.


- Why not collect your angel feathers in a pretty jar? Stand them on the windowsill so that the light twinkles through them?


If you want to feel as if your angels are a little closer why not wear a piece of jewellery with an angel on, a pair of angel wings or a single feather decoration?


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