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Angel Feather Stories

More of your Angel Feather Stories: these are from my Facebook followers

Michele Tiffen:

I've been askin for a feather from my angel for sometime now and while in town yesterday I was talkin to old friends when a feather came floating down and nearly landed on my friends head and I wanted to tell her it could be a sign from the angels to her but don't think she believes in all that, now I wish I had of and I'm only sorry I didn't bring it home with me xx


Tracey Swift: 

My Grandma died last year, I saw her a couple of days before she passed in a nursing home, while I sat with her I noticed her room was no 26. After she died I had a lot of signs with the same number. I went home for the funeral and as I stood on the platform waiting for my train to go back afterwards, I turned round and my Grandma's name, Emily, was the first one I saw on a stand selling name plates for doors, I then took out my ticket to see what seat I was in..number 26 in carriage E! And when i found my seat there was a white feather just next to it.xx


Tracey Swift:

We are moving house in two weeks. We had put an offer in and really wanted this house, while we were camping in Fort William, Scotland I was walking on the campsite and asking the Angles to help us get the house, there was a white feather on the floor, I picked it up and put it on our house door key in my car. When we got back two days later we had a phone call to say our offer had been accepted.xx


Angela Brookes:

I get white feathers quite alot, in unusual places. I also had the gift of a beautiful white feather cloud. It's strange I think how you kind of know when a feather is a gift or just a feather, if you know what I mean. Always seems to be a feeling of calm when you find a gift. My daughter aged 9 had a feather doing circles right in front of her one morning, gift from her daddy.x


Christine Clarke: 

I asked the Angels for a sign that they were around me..anyway i had forgotten and went to step out of my back door when there right in front of me lying right in my pathway was this lovely white feather..message received loud and clear! thank you Angels..xx


Chrissie Lawlor: 

When I was fighting cancer and in hospital iasked my angel's to help me and to give me a singn that i would be ok and they did. I went out side for a walk and a white feather was just there right beside me; i new they were with me


Kirstie Moore: 

Currently having a really rubbish time of it, yesterday when i was walking into my house through the front door a beautiful white feather floated down and balanced on the end of my nose!! I think i got an angel Eskimo kiss :)


Edel Fitzgerald: 

I find them all the time. The most significant one was at my mum's burial. When she passed away I asked her to let me know she got to heaven okay. Feathers were always special to us and at her graveside, just as her coffin was lowered into the grave, a perfect white feather landed at my right foot


Sheila Cooke: 

I was watching an episode of Emmerdale quite a while ago now, it was the funeral of a little baby. I lost my baby daughter many years ago, but as I watched the funeral, I began to cry as I thought of my own loss. I was alone in the house at the time, and I became aware of something floating down from the ceiling right in front of me. I held out my hand, and the tiniest pure white feather gently landed in the palm of my hand. Since that time, I have had feathers fall at my side, in front of me, and have found them in the most unusual places. Usually in the house.


Christine Palmer: 

Out in the garden one evening about 3 weeks ago with my friend saying how worried I was going abroad for the first time 2 White feathers floated either side of us it made me feel so much better sure it was my mum and dad reassuring me all would be ok x x


Jessica Kirbyshire: 

I had one just drop right down in front of me as I was walking yesterday X


Shelley Anson: 

My step dad recently lost his father and was trying to sort out the business he left behind and he found a white feather inside his mobile phone case!!!


Denise Mummery:

My dad had a heart attack last week while he was on holiday in Germany, I was writing him a letter and a white feather blew in the room through the window. That was the only confirmation I needed to know that he was going to be OK


Kathy Malone: 

lately i seem to b finding alot of white feathers ..heading to a doc opp i was really nerves n on the way I found 3 white feathers it put me at ease i wasnt as nerves n the results werent as bad as i was thinking it would b xxxx


Susie Fiesta: 

I found a white feather the day I was going to do my driving test..I knew then I am alright and yay I did passed ...xxx