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Angel Book Experiences - sent by readers

"Me and my husband went through a bad patch and he left me for a couple of wks. I was so low and needed a pick me up. One of my friends did an Angel card reading for me and gave me strength and I started believing in angels so went to the Libary and I found your books :). It made me feel stronger my Husband noticed difference in me and for Christmas he bought me 2 more of your books with a lovely msg written in from him thank you Angels and Jackie :) xx"




"I was in a very low place, couldn't. Cope anymore got in my car and drove 4 miles ended up in Banbury cross, was talking 2 my angels (in my head) to please help me and guide me, they took me in 2 the Heart foundation charity shop straight 2 your 3 of your books one being A angel saved my life.... I


Found a b&b and stayed there for 3 days read your book and your book helped and saved me and I thank you with all my Heart :) xxx"




"I was going through a bit of a rough patch, and felt very alone most of the time. I went to my godmothers house for dinner one night, and she said she was in a bookstore, looking at the angels and phsychics section, and when she looked at the book, she said she felt like there was a connection. so she gave me the book, with a lovely inscription inside saying "from one angel to another""




"I was searching Angels on Barnes and Nobel Nook when I found yours, I love Angels! And I love your books! Thanks for all the Angel Stories:)"




"[My story was about] 'angels watching over me'.  Our next door neighbor died when he was 18 and I had a dream; it was so vivid that he was younger when he came to visit me, he told me about heaven and that he knew deep down that he wanted to help me since I was 12 when my mum passed and she was only 38.


Any way he sneaked me in a row boat where dead people spirits sat that we're on there journey to heaven I had to hide under a sheet so the spirits couldnt see me. He knew he'd get into trouble by fetching me ,he said so I kept very still..then the boat started to ascend up in to the sky. We arrived at some big gates that were made of gold and then I could see the most beautiful gardens and flowers you could ever imagine and the smell wow..we had to wait until all the spirits passed through the gate.


Then he took me down a side entrance and told me I must not speak we walked down a long white corridor then he opened a door and inside were the dead people spirits who were meeting there family and friends..it was a massive room with big tables in that sat about 30 people on each, there was a bar where people weRe queuing to get drinks (lol) everybody was either hugging or speaking lol and joking it was such a happy place to be it was full of Bright shinny gold that glistened it was bright. We had to duck down and crawl on the floor so nobody could see us on my way round I seen various member of family who looked happy, I finally came to my mum who looked absolutely stunning with a glow about her like she was when I was a child, she smiled at me with the biggest grin I smiled back with the cheesest grin you could imagine.


I was so happy and relieved to know she was okay and well nothing like she was before, I was just about to speak when all a sudden I found my self in that white corridor with Micheal the boy who took me there, I woke up crying my eyes out because I never got to say a big thank you to him , also a little sad that I didn't get to hear or speak to my mum, but with that insight to what I know is coming I know she is in a safe place a happy pain free one..which played on my mind then so I googled angels and came across the book of yours. I cried and lol and smiled reading that book. Knowing I wasn't mad or going mad. And it brought me such wonderful peace like all your books have, for that I thank you xx"


An Angel Treasury sweb

The ultimate guide to all things angelic from the UK's leading angel expert.



This unique compendium tells you everything you ever wanted to know about angels. Acknowledged angel expert ‘The Angel Lady’ offers a wealth of facts, real-life angel stories, tips, advice, angelic inspiration and background information.


This ultimate angelic guide is designed to be dipped into whenever inspiration strikes – the perfect gift for anyone wanting to know how to bring angelic wisdom and magic into their lives.


From real-life stories of angel encounters to instructions on how to communicate with your own guardian angel, this book will appeal to the serious angel investigator and the new explorer alike.


Includes quotes about angels from history and literature as well as information on:

• The different angels you will encounter

• Angel Almanac

• Healing with the angels

• Angel astrology

• Angel names and their meanings

• Hierarchy and Fallen Angels

• Angels in culture

• Working and communicating with angels