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My Little 'Angel Dog'

As a ‘cat fan’ I felt in a quandary when the police officer suggested that we buy a dog. We were sitting in the living room of our small country home discussing the horror of the burglary we’d just discovered. The thieves had broken in through the kitchen window and escaped across the open fields at the back of the house. We’d been away just one night.


‘You’re less likely to get burgled if you have a dog.’  He pointed out. ‘Dogs are a better deterrent than any burglar alarm’


Lady was terrified at first. She disliked men, she seemed frightened of them. The rescue centre thought she’d been badly treated in the past and she always walked with a strange limp. When she ran she kicked out her back leg as if it had been previously injured or broken and not properly set. Sifting through some books we discovered we now owned a Lancashire Heeler. She was just ten inches (25 centimetres) high and usually hid when visitors came round – especially men. She was very timid and it took years to bring this gentle pooch out of her shell, but the children loved her and she was happy to be carried around and even dressed up! She revelled in the attention.

Lady changed my thoughts about dogs. She was my protector, my saviour but there was something elsesomething mystical about her. As a child I’d always woken in the night to see spirits in my room and now lady seemed to be able to see them too. At first it frightened me, the confirmation that I did not want; if lady can see what I can see them too then it must be real.mustn’t it? Later it comforted me. Lady was there to look after meand protect me from burglars!


Years later we moved house and I began a new career. I’d started to write about the spiritsand angels that were around me. I set up a website and thousands of people from around the world would share their own mystical experiences, both with their deceased human friends and relatives, and their magical encounters with their pet-friends. I wrote about some of the psychic and sensitive dog experiences in some of my best selling books. Magical connections between dogs and humans.


Daisha, the little dog who came back to visit her family after she died and re-created the scratching noises she used to make when she was alive.  Then there was Sally who alerted her owners to the dying child upstairs in the bedroomjust in time to save the child’s life; and Rubin the dog who protected his mistress from the brutal hands of her bully husband.


Many dogs like Daisha, who were close to their family in life came back to visit their family after death. I wrote about a special dog called Robby too and when Robby died, he came back to visit his master in a dream. Robby appeared young again and playfulnot like the sick and elderly dog he’d been when he died.  


I remembered a family dog of our own called Suzie who used to ‘appear’ in the hallway at my parents house long after she passed away. A medium-sized, tan coloured ‘allsorts’ dog with an unattractive curly-piggy tail and a soft and gentle face, she would flick her tail against visitors legs as a welcoming gesture. Yet she did this after she died too. The ghostly shape of her body would often appear to my unsuspecting mother. Suzie was around for several years after her passing!


Lady in the meantime, still very much alive, would sit in the room with me as I wrote my books and typed up my magazine columns. She seemed to be supporting me in my mystical endeavours. She had that wayas dogs do that occasionally she would bark at something I couldn’t see, often facing a wall and wagging her tail. I strained my eyes for insects but never saw a thing. Spirit visitors?


We already know that dogs can hear better than humans and we use dogs to sniff out drugs, guns and explosives. It seems likely that dogs can also see better than humans can too – why not? As humans we have such limited abilities to perceive the world around us. We already know that its not possible for us to experience everything that existsscience proves it.


One night I was feeling rather sorry for myself. I had recently lost a dear uncle and was sitting in my living room alone except for Lady. Suddenly the atmosphere in the room felt different and the lights began to flicker. Was uncle with me in the room?


‘Is that you Uncle Eric?’ I asked in the semi-darkness unafraid. Yet even before I spoke, Lady was reacting to that certain someone that I could sense but not see. She was wagging her tail in excitement and then began to walk around the room on her back legs sniffing the air as if someone were holding out food for her. Lady was now bounding around with glee. Was the ghost of my dead uncle really visiting, just as I suspected? Lady seemed to think so and was greeting this invisible relative in much the same way as she might a long lost friend.‘If that’s you Uncle, get Lady to fetch her squeaky toy and bring it to me.’ I challenged as a sort of test. Now delightful as Lady was, she was never the brightest of dogs. This was an impossible task for my sweet, but slow witted dog yet she immediately ran over to her plastic toy and brought it to me, even dropping the toy right onto my lap as requested. She’d never played this game before and I was dumfounded that she was doing it now! Yes – this was real! I sensed the spirit of my uncle but Lady could see him!


We had Lady for eight years before she died. I never thought I would get over the pain of losing my little dog but she was keen to show me that even though she had died in a physical way she hadn’t left us for good. Within a week Lady was back!


My dream was clear and lucid, bright and vivid. Lady stood in front of me looking like the puppy we had never seen. Healthy and full of vitality she was wagging her tail, she was trying to tell me something, ‘look how well I am again now, look how fit I am,’ I sensed she was telling me. Lady was surrounded by dogs and I recognised most of them, old family dogs we’d owned over the years. Suzie was at the front of the queue with her. When I awoke I felt different, relieved somehow. Lady was alive but just in a different way, just like many of the experiences that people had written to me about.


Several days later I was researching an article on psychic artists and made contact with a well known psychic artist called Debbie Dean. I was interviewing Debbie on the phone when she told me that she had been joined by a small black and tan dog. I was stunned but kept my cool. ‘You have?’


‘Yes I believe this dog belongs to you.’


‘Would you mind drawing a picture of what you see?’ I requested. Drawing pictures of deceased people is a speciality of Debbie’s yet Debbie draws the spirit as it shows itself to her. Debbie had no idea I had recently lost my dog and I didn’t tell her even now. I had no idea she drew the spirits of deceased dogs!


An hour after the interview an e-mail dropped into my inbox. Debbie had attached a scanned copy of her drawing and I sat with my mouth open in shock. It was an exact likeness of my little doghow did she know? Lady was bringing me a second sign. I showed the picture to my daughter without saying a word and she immediately cried in surprise. There was no doubt at all that this drawing was another way for Lady to say goodbye to her family on this side of life.


Lady may have ‘died’ but she certainly wasn’t ‘dead’. Lady was now my ‘Angel Dog!’

'Lady' was a special rescue dog we once owned

Lady Angel sweb