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Angel Cards - How to use

I created my own pack of 'Angel Secret's Cards' as a way of communicating the beautiful messages and affirmations from our Guardian Angels. Some people literally feel they want their messages 'spelt out' and angel cards do this for us.


The cards are non-threatening, safe, fun and easy to use! These have been so sucessful that I have now created my 'Messages from Heaven' Mediumship Cards; Love and Guidance from the other side of life (15 April 2014).

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Preparing to Read the Cards


Although the cards are ready to use exactly the way they are when you buy them; many people do like to work with a ritual before they begin. You can say a prayer whist you hold the cards (remember we pray to God but not angels), draw (in the air) a favourite magical symbol over the top of the cards (try moving your hands in the shape of an angel halo), or ask for help from higher forces before you begin. You can ask for specific angels to help you (your guardian angel perhaps or one of the Archangels listed earlier in the booklet), maybe your creator, a deceased relative or the goddess if you follow Wiccan beliefs; whatever feels right. You could even ask for an angel specifically to work with you for the purpose of reading your angel cards.

I like to ask for the help of the angels directly and if you wish you can make a point of saying these words before every reading:


Angels please, prepare these cards, sharing wisdom clear

Surround me with protection, and all that I hold dear

Guide me with your knowledge, share your loving light

Hold my hand along life’s path, I welcome your insight  


Using the cards is easy and you can just shuffle the pack and pull out a single card for your answer but you might find it more fun to perform a little ceremony first (create your own sacred ritual).


Preparing a Reading Space


If you visit a psychic fair you will notice that the readers all sit at a table which has been decorated with magical items. Why not have a go yourself at home? You can create your own ‘reading table’. (More ideas in the Angel Secret's Cards Booklet inside the set).


Reading your Angel Secrets Cards


The cards have lovely modern, fresh images but don’t doubt the ancient power of the angel-inspired messages printed on the cards.

The best way to use your cards is by asking the angels to open up your own natural instinct. There is no ‘wrong’ way to use the cardsas long as they are handled with love and with good intent you can do pretty much what you want with them.



Here are a few suggestions:


1. Place your cards in an open bowl and select one every day. Prop the card up where you will be reminded of the message throughout the day.


2. Shuffle or ‘cut’ the cards before selecting a single card from the pack. If you prefer you could just swirl them around the table first and select a card right off the table.


3. Ask a question (or series of questions) then select a card (or one card for each question asked).




Create your own ‘spreads’. Use a piece of notepaper and draw out some rectangles in different patterns and give a meaning to each card. Place your cards in a cross shape, rows or even a circle. You decide. Just practice laying out the cards for yourself so that you can remember your spreads when your family ask for a reading.


The cards can represent knowledge or angel wisdom on a variety of subjects including; LOVE, MONEY, CAREER, FAMILY, ROMANCE etc. Make a note of each meaning on your note paper first of all, and then give your reading. Make a record of your favourite ‘spreads’ so that you can use them over and over again.


- After your readings remember to blow out your candle (if you used one) and say thank you to the angels for their help. Clear away any small items that might be a danger to young children or pets like crystals (a swallowing hazard).


- If you want you can keep a special notebook or journal and record your readings; its fun to look back on your comments, and interesting to see how your insights worked out.


Interpreting the Cards


Each card has a beautiful image and a short phrase or positive words. There are no negative cards in the pack and unlike many types of cards there are no negative meanings either. Picking a card which is back-to-front or upside-down doesn’t change the meaning of the cards in this pack.

The phrases are simple and easy to understand. I want you to use your own natural intuition to ‘read’ the cards. When you pick out the card do you sense or experience further information over and above what is written on the cards? Do the cards bring you further insights just by how they feel or does the image on the cards bring you a different interpretation? Use your ‘gut-instinct’ and trust your own thoughts on the matter. Listen to your inner voice which is trying to help you.