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Did you know that Jacky Paints angels now too?

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Angel Card Readings with Jacky Newcomb




By law I have to tell you that all readings are done for entertainment purposes only.  As with everything on this site, it is provided for your information only and may not be considered advice  or instruction related to any area of your life, and particularly those related to health, law or finance. At all times you must make up your own mind as to the most appropriate actions and activities in your own life.

"Wow! You are totally spot on! ...Thank you once again Jacky, I am blown away..."  



"Thanks for the reading, it was lovely, as was the last one I had some time ago..."



"...thank you very much, I will definitely pay more attention to the things you have picked up on me, and will let you know how I get on. Very much appreciated."



"Thank you so much for the reading Jacky. It truly resonates with me right now".



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Celebrity Clients


"I have clients all over the world including numerous celebrity clients. Their readings, like their comments remain private; however, here are a few who were happy to share their thoughts!"

"oh my flippin god that was amazing!!!!!

...just what I needed thank you."

John Scott, TV Presenter/Fashion Guru

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"...I love how accurate your personal readings are!"

Melissa Porter, TV Presenter

2012 Sept Melissa Porter

"Thank you SO MUCH Jacky-what a fascinating reading and so many things really ring true!

Julie Peasgood, Actress and TV Presenter

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Can't afford a reading at the moment but still need some guidance? No problem. I also have a FREE (DIY) card reader available at the website. You can use it as often as you like. [...Go Here...]

Melissa Endorsement

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FREE DIY Angel Card Reader at this site HERE




... or do your own card readings using my beautifully illustrated Messages From Heaven cards!


The cards come complete with full instructions; are simple, safe and easy to use.


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*Readings usually take up to 14 days, but during busy periods or holidays it may take a little longer.

"...Many thanks for my Angel Card Reading. Very interesting and very accurate!"


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