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Angel Card Reading Feedback

Thank you for such wonderful feedback! I am delighted and honoured to share some of your comments here.

"Many thanks for sending the reading. One of my New Year's resolutions was to take better care of myself, including eating organic salads, monthly massages and exercise, so I smiled when these things were shown in the reading. My first massage was on Weds nights so I smiled when the therapist said that the oil I'd chosen was referred to as 'a hug in a bottle'. You'd mentioned that I needed a hug. I always think about my angels and it was lovely that there was synchronicity between the reading and the things I'd started to put into action..."



"Hi Jackie thanks for the Angel Card Reading it was so accurate. You are so talented keep up the good work. I just love the Angels."



"Hi Jacky

Thank you so much for my reading.  Its so true and has given me confirmation on what the angels have been telling me.  It was only this week i believed i should be doing Angel workshops, and you've confirmed i'm hearing them right, thank you so much.

Love and Light"



"Thank you...spot on!"



Hi Jacky

"Thank you very much for my angel reading. It has given me great comfort especailly the part  that the struggle for money is going to get better for us. Thanks again Jacky and I will recommend you to my friends in the future."

Love CD


"I was extremely impressed with my angel reading that i have just received via email...and could not believe you heard my guardian angel's name! I had a feeling it was a male, and i have been trying to ask his name..."



"Thank you so much for the in-depth angel reading - it was amazing and really accurate :) Have a feeling my little boy may be the one talking to the angels but will let you know - thank you once again so much for the reading - just what I needed at this point in my life - god bless xxxxxxxxxxxxxx"




"Hi Jacky thank you so much for the reading it was wonderful.x"



"Thank you so much Jacky - your Reading has given me such courage ..."



Jacky, I would just like to thank you for my reading which I received earlier. WoW...so accurate, my eyes filled up whilst I was reading it, it couldn't have been any more accurate.


Thank u so much for taking the time to do that. (it actually came through on my Blackberry whilst I was in the car, with 'Angels' by Robbie Williams playing on the radio)...i would definitely recommend you, and i got the clarification i was looking for.. Thank u once again...  Excellent."




"Hi Jacky, I have just received my angel reading from you and would just like to thank you so much, to be honest, it made me cry. Just knowing the angels are there and with you is so comforting. It has really helped me, so thank you and lots of love.xxxx"




"...my Auntie absolutely loved your card reading for her this week - just the tonic and hug she needed :) Thank you x"



"...many thanks, you are an inspiration..."



"Thank you so much Jacky for a truly wonderful angel card reading.  Very inspiring and uplifting just what I needed at the moment."

JS xx


"The words are the most important bit and a lot of it rings true, the practising meditation especially! Thanks so much :)"




"...loved it thank you so much x



Just received my Angel Card reading, beautiful. Thank u Jacky it was just what I needed xxxx



Dear Jacky, thank you very much for the reading!

I think it's answers my questions.

Thank you for telling me the truth and your help. :)

Thank you




"Just to say thank you so much for my angel card reading. I am experiencing hard times in my life just now and your reading was a great comfort. I've bought your Angel Cards so that I can learn to do my own readings, I'm sure my angels will help me along the way!!



"Thank you so much for my reading - I loved it.  It has given me the guidance I needed. "




"...your reading really addressed  issues I seem to be dealing with presently and helps with the uncertainty of the future."


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