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Angel Card Reading Feedback 2

More of your lovely feedback;

"Hi Jacky thankyou for the wonderful reading it has really resonated with me, I've always la"I had to write to say thank you for reading. Spot on. I was arguing (slightly) with hubby about where we live and saying I had never really wanted to move here and then your reading arrived at that point saying I had to more or less say what I wanted as my feelings were important as well...


 [...It also said I] was loved and worthy and for the few days prior to the reading I was asking why I lived and my brother died when he was only five , tomorrow would be his 54 birthday ... I [felt I] was not worthy so [your] reading was spot on. Everything in life happens for a reason. Ordered your new book. Thanks for the reading xxxx"



"Fabulous Angel card reading Jacky, and so spot on, thank you <3"



"Thank you for my reading..... Amazing :-) all your advice taken on board xxxx"

JTcked confidence. Last year I becme a Reiki Master, confidence and 'inner criticism' holds me back thats why I found myself asking for a reading, I call on the angels a lot and I know they have helped , its good to have confirmation though. I love craft work but have'nt made the time lately. Thankyou again. Love and Light Julie        

*I have just read ' Call me when you get to Heaven'  that helped me to ask you for a reading, I will recomend you to my friends."




"Many thanks Jacky, really enjoyed your reading x"




"Wow Thank you so much for your reading...Your Card of being ready for a new beginning just gave me the answer I did ask for the Angels-Amazing...Thank you so much for helping especially in my career move, I do feel so much more confident as I do know My Angels are there."



"Thank you very much for this reading Jacky, it certainly rings true with me and has given me food for thought.

Thanks again.




"...I was delighted with my Angel Card Reading...



"thank you for another great reading.

I've been sitting in circle & meditation groups for the last 3 years but not really known what my psychic abilities might be or what area I would be drawn to. You mention at the end of the reading about attending workshops & guess what, this weekend I'm attending an Angelic Reiki 1 & 2 Practitioners Workshop. So I think I've maybe found my path :-)."



"Thank you so much Jacky – it is an amazing reading.  My little boy is very special and is loved by so many people.  He has had a very tough time so far in life and continues to battle through with a smile on his face (most of the time !!!!!!).  Everyone he meets remembers him with kind thoughts.  


This is a very special reading and cannot wait to read it to him on his birthday."




"Thank you so much.  This was just what I needed to hear."  



"...Thank you so much for that, Jacky. It's true...Thank you again Jacky, you are a beautiful spirit."



"Thank you so much for my reading it means so much to me."



"Hi jacky got my angel card reading and wanted to say thank you. It was bang on the nose... thank you so very much. God bless you."



"Thank you Jackie. As I read the words concerning how the Angels wanted to communicate with me their energy engulfed me, I had goose bumps head to toe. I am so humbled by their loving presence.I am sensitive and often feel spirit near but have been nervous as sometimes the energy feels so prickly it's scared me a little. But I know now to trust what I feel, there is nothing to fear but fear itself. God bless you."



"Thank you so much for the reading,That was my first time and i enjoyed it very much, i wasn't sure what to expect but was delighted with the result. Thanks again. Very happy customer,  oh and it was so spot on especially the sign thing... I keep telling the angels that I'm one of these people who may get 10 signs and wouldn't notice, i need it put in writing.. Hey this your sign...i got what i asked for! I would never usually pay for readings, can honestly say it was well worth it."



"Thank you so much for this Jacky- so accurate."



"Thank you so much for my reading.  It was really confirmation of what I already "know".  I am excited at the prospect of more contact with my Angels and hope they don't wait too long!"



"thank you for a lovely angel card reading x and I had wanted confirmation and got it."



"Just wanted to say thanks ever so much for my angel reading.

It has given me such hope for the future. One of the cards was about a miraculous healing which would be great as I've struggled with ill health and anxiety all of my life!"



"Thank you for my Angel Card Reading Jacky - absolutely accurate, incredibly insightful and helpful! - Recommend!!! x"



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